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Welcome to Can Do! Concierge, Inc.  We are a personal assistant & concierge service committed to helping you find a balance with your life/work/time issues and dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in customer service.  By delegating your to-do list to Can Do! Concierge, we can help simplify your day and uncomplicate your life. 

Can Do! Concierge offers a broad range of time saving solutions designed to help time stretched people manage their busy lives more effectively and efficiently.  We can  help alleviate the stress of having too much on your plate and save you valuable hours that you can use doing what's important to you. 

Give yourself the quality of life you deserve.  Why not call Can Do! today and let us structure a program to fit your personal needs. Whether it be a simple errand or an extensive project or event, we can help you meet both your personal and business obligations and give you a piece of your life back!


  • Errand Services
  • Personal, Grocery & Corporate Gift Shopping
  • House & Pet Sitting
  • Relocation Assistance Services
  • Research & Information Services
  • Holiday Help
  • Food Prep
  • Senior Care Assistance
  • Party, Meeting & Event Planning Assistance
  • DMV, Auto Maintenance Pick Up & Drop Off Services
  • Delivery & Repairman Waiting Services
  • Appointment Scheduling, Reservations, Tickets and Events
  • Special Projects

    Gift Certificates  Available

  • Can Do! Concierge, Inc.

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    Providers of an assortment of services with time saving benefits.